VaR Value at Risk

VaR – Value at Risk: Risk Exposure Explained

What Is Value at Risk (VaR)? Risk Exposure Explained Value at Risk (VaR) is a statistical measure of the level of financial risk within a firm, portfolio, or trading position over a specific time frame. This measure is most commonly used by investment and commercial banks.  It helps them to […]

Are condos a good investment

Are Condos a Good Investment? Do Condos Appreciate in Value?

Are Condos a Good Investment?  Is Buying a Beach Condo a Good Investment? What Is a Condo?  Are condos a good investment?  Let’s start with what a condo actually is.  A condo, or condominium, is a private residence within a larger building or community. It can be a multi-story townhouse […]

Mello Roos

What is a Mello Roos Tax? What You Need to Know (2020 Guide)

What Is a Mello Roos Tax?  What You Need to Know (2020 Guide) A Mello-Roos is a California tax district created to finance local infrastructure, services, or special district projects. A district may be created only with the approval of two-thirds of voters.  Voter approval permits a special tax to […]

market risk premium

Market Risk Premium – Understanding & Calculating Market Risk Premium

Market Risk Premium – Understanding & Calculating Market Premiums  What Is Market Risk Premium?  The market risk premium is the difference between the expected return on a market portfolio as compared to a risk-free rate of return.  This premium is the additional return an investor should receive, or expect to […]

types of qualitative research

Types of Qualitative Research – 6 Qualitative Research Types and Methods

Types of Qualitative Research – 6 Qualitative Research Types and Methods (2020 Guide) Social science research often fits into one of two categories: qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research focuses on human behavior from a participant’s point of view.  Quantitative research seeks the common facts found across defined groups. Six types […]

etf vs index fund

ETF vs Index Fund – The Difference Between ETF and Index Fund

ETF vs Index Fund: Which Is Right for You?  ETF vs Index Fund:  Exchange-traded funds and index funds are great for both stock market newcomers and experts alike.  But, there are a few differences to understand before you start investing.  When it comes to a choice between ETF vs index […]