Gold Taxes When Buying or Selling Gold Bullion and Precious Metals

Gold Taxes When Buying or Selling Gold Bullion There is a lot of conflicting and inaccurate information about taxes for gold and silver.  If you listen to the wrong sources, you can get into trouble.  This article is a summary of potential tax implications.  IRS rules and regulations can change […]

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Buy Gold or Silver Online – How to Invest in Gold and Silver

Buy Gold or Silver Online – How to Invest in Gold and Silver So, you are considering investing in precious metals – How do you buy gold or silver online? Is there really much difference between gold and silver other than the price?  Both are “precious” metals, meaning their occurrence […]


Buy Gold or Bitcoin – What is a Bitcoin? Which is Better?

Buy Gold or Bitcoin?  Which is Better? Would you rather buy gold or bitcoin?  First, let’s consider what bitcoin is.  Bitcoin is digital currency (also called crypto-currency) that is not backed by any country’s central bank or government. Bitcoins can be traded for goods or services with vendors who accept […]

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Why Invest in Gold? – 7 Solid Gold Reasons

Why Gold?  A Twenty-four Carat Question… There are many advantages to owning gold. Adding precious metals to your portfolio can reduce your overall portfolio volatility, create a hedge against inflation, and insulate your assets during economic uncertainty – all while adding a tremendous opportunity for overall gains and upside appreciation.  […]

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Investing in Precious Metals for Beginners: Precious Metals List and Guide

Investing in Precious Metals for Beginners Investing in precious metals for beginners can be intimidating.  Many investors – especially beginners just do not know where and how to start.  Yet, all investors should be familiar with the concept of diversification. This means you are distributing your investments across a wider […]